Fontenille Menorca

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    Fontenille Menorca : Opening on July 11th 2019

    On more than 300 ha of land and around two distinctive sites, the fincas of Santa Ponsa and Torre Vella, Fontenille Menorca, offer everything you can expect from one of the most beautiful and secret islands of the Balearic Islands, Menorca : preserved fauna and flora, endemic cultures, exceptional architectural heritage, white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters.

    One hotel, two experiences

    Fontenille Menorca is a unique concept on the island : a new double-headed eagle, two experiences in two separate fincas which offer, thanks to the many interactions between both hotels and their proximity, a large pallet of opportunities for guests staying in both hotels.

    Santa Ponsa and Torre Vella are two exceptional historic properties.

    Both properties have their own specificities whether its the architecture, style or the landscape they were build on. Consequently, you will live very different experiences in both hotels : you can make the most of both hotels they can complement one another, offering visitors one of the richest and most relaxing experiences on the island of Menorca.


    The first one, Santa Ponsa, iconic finca of 100 ha on the Island of Menorca, is an old 17th century palace whose luxuriant gardens and terraces, supplied in water through a 17th century watering system, are listed monuments.


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    The second one, Torre Vella, gets its name from the former watchtower situated in the centre of the house : it’s the ultimate finca. Implemented on a site inhabited for over 9000 years, it extends its secrets to the cliffs which border 1700 meters of the coastline of the 200 ha property.


    20ha of vines, 20 ha of aromatic plants (Rosemary, Curry Plant), hundreds of orange, lemon, pomegranate and olive trees, an organic permaculture vegetable garden, a vinification cellar, an essential oils distillery, an oil mill, a honey house : farming in Fontenille Menorca is an undeniable fact of everyday life and has been employing twenty agricultural workers and gardeners since 3 years. To us, agrotourism isn’t a marketing strategy, it’s a way of life. We place agriculture, naturalness, traceability, connection to mother earth at the centre of our concerns – as we already do at the Domaine de Fontenille, in Provence and soon in the west of Paris.

    The knowledge of plant life and flowering cycles, pressing grapes, making our own wine and juice, the use of own oil in all our restaurants: that’s what the farming Island of Menorca is made of. Reconnect with time, mother earth and your inner self.

    An hotel of the Les Domaines de Fontenille collection

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